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tear gas in text form
wash your eyes out and i'll fucking kill you
blah blah blah 
10th-Nov-2008 04:23 am
things I have been reading far too much of lately:
-blogs on neo feminism vs. old guard feminism, and how it all somehow came to a head during one drunken "comedy" show in the middle of manhattan

-some bitter Gen Xer who has apparently decided that my (and, probably yours if you're reading this) entire generation sucks because one dipshit ditched work to dress up in a fairy costume.

-lots of libertarian moaning. because that's apparently what we do. we moan. no links come to mind but fuck just go read the comments section of any blog/story on reason. or don't, just read the stories and skip the comments, your sanity will thank you for it. have I mentioned the irrational crush I have on kerry howley dating back to when I saw her on Red Eye like two years ago?

yeah. a fine night to be home from work with nothing to do but read shit on the internetz. actually, no it wasn't, I wanted to play a videogame and instead I got stuck reading/watching shit for like three hours straight instead. fuck off, huffington post, with your ten million links that each have ten million more links.

TOMORROW: rangers-oilers at MSG, bitchez. if they win, well worth the $90. if they lose, I may rob some change from one of Penn Station's many bums in order to make myself feel better.

at least the devils have lost 3 of 4 since 'ol fatty brodeur went down with a 3-4 month injury, lolz. the devils' losses can always bring me joy.

NOT BRINGING ME JOY: having to work the fucking midnight release for the new world of warcraft expansion (and anyone who knows how much I hate WoW, mostly because my brother plays it, will know why this is so annoying), missing the Rangers-Devils game entirely, and then having to OPEN THE MOTHERFUCKING STORE AT 9 AM THE NEXT DAY. UGH. enrique explained it to me in a way that made it sound like that was his only possible way to do the schedule, mostly because out of the six fucking members of management who are supposed to have keys to open/close the store, two of them STILL don't. but still. it fucking. blows.

and speaking of shit at gamestop, apparently I am the most transparent man of all-time when it comes to having a thing for someone else. because mars called out sick today, and enrique basically walks up to the whole bunch of us (me, him, juan, adam, cassidy) and is like, okay, who should I call in for mars? and just as I'm about to say that I don't give a shit as long as it's not joe, juan jumps in with "I BET JOHN WANTS YOU TO CALL LINDA." and of course everyone has a nice hearty belly-laugh at my expense while I immediately start yelling at him about what that could possibly mean. he of course goes, well, I just meant that the two of you WORK WELL together, with that fucking bullshit grin that made it clear exactly what he meant. so I'm just like, she has a boyfriend you know. and being a heterosexual male he just looks at me and goes "so what?" and I know he absolutely meant that because that means NOTHING to these people.

then again maybe he's not so hetero after all because he basically went on to say I was hot. between that and making fun of adam for doing absolutely nothing all day long it kind of made up for the public humiliation of being called out for a schoolgirl crush in front of my fellow co-workers. KIND OF.
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