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tear gas in text form
wash your eyes out and i'll fucking kill you
fright fest~~ 
25th-Oct-2008 03:26 am
was awesome, yeah. not the actual like fright fest aspect of it because other than some "spooky" music and a bunch of people in "scary" clown make-up honking their stupid fucking horns it was pretty much the same. but god, front row in kingda ka & nitro was bad-ass enough already, but in the dark and the wind blowing like crazy was even cooler.

not so cool was my glasses breaking in my pocket on the very first ride I went on (kingda ka the first time), so I ended up walking around for the rest of the five hours with a rubber band strapped to half of my glasses. that looked pretty stupid. but hey, better than being blind, and theoretically they should be able to fix it pretty easily at pearl vision tomorrow so no big deal I guess. other than me looking dumber than usual and getting a lot of weird looks, lolz.

and apparently I sound drunk all the time at least over the phone. even when I'm like, completely sober. that's probably an insult.
27th-Oct-2008 01:23 am (UTC)
WHAT. No you don't
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